19 Apr

The multisensory technique is an important way to teach children who have trouble learning in other ways. It can also help kids who are having trouble with math. Students can learn a lot more about what numbers and symbols mean when they use their senses of sight(eyes), touch(hands), hearing(ears), and movement. Some Of The Techniques Are:

  1. Drawing 

Students who have trouble with math can learn to draw the questions or use drawings to understand how numbers work. It's a good way for kids to show what they think and learn how to write numbers and math symbols easily. 

  1. Visualization With Beads Or Everyday Items 

Using games to learn makes things a lot more fun. But it also helps children come up with ways to count things. It can help kids who have a lot of trouble with math if they can easily connect numbers to the things they stand for or if they can easily change numerical patterns.

3. Colorful Bricks 

Using beads, balls, or even beans is a good way for kids to learn what the different math processes mean. They can still understand how numbers represent amounts and how those amounts can change.

  1. Musical Instruments 

You can make a connection between math and music by using songs to help them remember math formulas or rules. Children are more likely to remember what they see. 

  1. New Inventions

Computers are one of the most modern ways to deal with problems in math. There are, several software, apps, and engaging games that could make the math lesson fun for students to do at home as well. You could try that too. In conclusion, multisensory teaching can help kids with special learning difficulties become more independent and improve their self-esteem. As a way to teach, it applies to all school subjects, not just math. It's important to note that this technique is good for all children, not just those with special learning difficulties.

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